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Re: Does this break glibc2 support?

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.96.970930212629.27288B-100000@amasis.trin.cam.ac.uk> you wrote:

: Did you get that disks-alpha/current directory from gorba.lpt.fi?

Yes, but it's not out where you can get to it right now.

: I was
: going to grab the config.* files which I saw there, so I could generate a
: new set ... but gorba.lpt.fi:/pub is now empty!  All the Debian stuff is
: gone ...

I'll shar up the config files and send them to you.  I've had my 56k leased
line totally consumed doing other things, so I haven't pushed a copy of the
stuff up to master yet... will try to do that in the next day or two.

: Incidentally, is there a standard way in which Debian kernels are
: configured?  I mean, range of hardware supported, etc.?  I don't know how
: Pasi generated those config files ...

I don't know.  For the install system, we'd like to be as inclusive as 
possible, I guess, so to the extent that things work and don't conflict with
each other, more stuff configured into each kernel is probably a good thing.
Anyone else have any other thoughts?  I confess that the only Alpha I've ever
been near is the UDB I bought to learn about 64-bit issues... so I don't have
much context for discussing configuration options on other machines.


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