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Tar bug discovered

Hi all...

I discovered a rather nasty little bug in our tar pacakge.  Turns out that
it sometimes untarred suid files with totally different uid/gid's.
Tarring files was fine, but untarring, even with the --same-owner switch
was behaving strangely.

I have since fixed the bug and uploaded the new copy of tar to my site:
The diff is in there too, fyi.  It's cheesy, but it was a simple fix for
a shortcoming of the configure script.

I've submitted a bug report against the package already, complete with my
"fix" for it, btw.

Incidentally, I discovered the bug when compiling the fakeroot package.  I
beat my head on the table for about an hour before realising that tar
could've been the reason that it failed the testing procedures :)

More on fakeroot in the next message...


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