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Ok..on to fakeroot...

I've packaged fakeroot for the Alpha and it appears to work well and
securely.  I haven't put it through extensive paces, but what I did with
it was quite impressive.  It's ftp'able from beezer.med.miami.edu now.

There is a bad point, though.  Right now, we get some unaligned traps
occurring with it.  I'll look into it ASAP since this is a big issue for
us and high on the priority list.

Until the alignment problems are fixed, please feel free to play with it
and offer feedback (this means you, Mike...hehehe).  From the discussions
on debian-devel, it looks like a system for automagic package generation
on ALL platforms is being worked on as we speak here.  They've got great
ideas and pretty much know how things are going to work already, but are
still debating about the pgp/security issues.

That's it for now.  I'm sure I'll have more announcements shortly since
everyone knows how much I write once I get going :P


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