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Re: Package maintenance ideas

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997 mdorman@debian.org wrote:
> then, I am planning, once I get moved over to my new job, to put my
> Multia on the net for just this purpose.  Not much of a machine, but
> it's something.

If I could get our 500 MHz Alpha working (it crashes if it does anything
heavy, such as running a kernel compile loop, resulting in a broken
filesystem, among other things), and if things can be done relatively
safely (after fakeroot works, I guess), I could probably persuade the boss
to allow me to compile packages for Debian. If I can automate the process,
so much the better. I can't, however, allow anyone outside our project to
log into the machine, even for anonymous ftp.

It might take some time before the machine is working. We've only had it
for two months. (I suspect a kernel or hardware problem, but am
unqualified to diagnose those, and those here who are better qualified are
busy with real work. :) 

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