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Re: Package maintenance ideas

> So, under the current maintainer system, it seems that there will be a
> huge duplication of effort going on.  Here's my ideas....
> * Multiple maintainers per package:
>   Every package has an "official Debian" maintainer per platform that the
>   package is ported to.  This would allow for everyone to know who is
>   involved with the package.  A "master maintainer" may be beneficial too,
>   since it would allow for a coordinator for the revisions made to a
>   package.  This master maintainer would just be responsible for
>   consolidating patches into a common, multi-platform-happy patch.
> * Revision of the bug reporting system to notify all maintainers of said
>   package:
>   Would allow all maintainers involved to be notified simultaneously of
>   bug reports.

Following this common trouble ticketing method..  All status updates,
corrections on what the bug actually is, etc. should have an easy way of
being sent to all maintainers of the said packages.  (ie: responses need
to be done through the bug tracking system, not just email with Cc lines
that are apt to get modified/nuked/forgotten)

> * Communication between all maintainers for a package:
>   This can be done via a web site or even just e-mail.  It would
>   greatly facilitate development efforts and would allow for the
>   maintainers to pool their knowledge to solve problems if needed.

I'm almost thinking that a "one mailing list per package" approach might
be good here (although that is a LOT of mailing lists to serve & I hope
people are using mh & slocal or procmail ;).  Then again, web sites are
more on demand and presumably package maintainers can be responsible for
checking them (but this could get hairy for people maintaining lots of

> * Simultaneous release of a package across architectures if possible:
>   Would let the users of the packages know that they can find their
>   package on their platforms as soon as it's announced on the announce
>   list.

Yes & No.  If its a security fix that is stalling even a couple days on
one platform that shouldn't hold up the others (I'm trying to prevent
situations like commercial unix vendor fixes released about a year after
the vulnerability is discovered!).  Other than that; this is a good


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