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I've just received a reply from Jay regarding Alpha kernel patches:

-----Forwarded message from Jay A Estabrook <jestabro@amt.tay1.dec.com>-----


At 06:40 PM 9/13/97 +0100, you wrote:
[ that's me: ]
>Another important issue is that alpha-patches, after having evolved from
>axp-patches, still include linux header changes which were made to keep
>old glibc-1 happy.  Now, when more and more Alpha users switch to
>glibc-2, these changes become not only unnecessary, but even
>undesirable.  Can these alpha-patches be split into two parts, one
>being the actual Alpha patches and the other one being
>glibc-1-compatibility patches, please?  These two parts do really have
>nothing in common.

I'm kind of hoping that 2.0.31 and RH 5.0/GLIBC2 appear before I feel the
absolute need to release my 0.2 set, in which case I'd rework them as
appropriate along just those lines you mention, without a need to perpetuate
the header changers any longer, thank goodness! :-)


-----End of forwarded message-----

So, we won't get the "official" Alpha patches for glibc2 before RH
switches to it.  That's fair enough, but it means that we have to use the
reduced patchset at the moment.

I propose the following kernel policy.

1. Go towards a modularised kernel.

2. Use "reduced" alpha-patches from gatekeeper (those without header changes).

3. Try my other patches (they are well tested by myself).

The proposed patchset is available at
ftp://genie.ucd.ie/pub/alpha/kernel/alpha-patchset.tar.gz.  This set
includes reduced alpha-patches and various fixes and README files.  The
individual patches can also be obtained from the kernel directory.  This
is exactly what I've submitted to Jay.  Here is the main README file:

These patches are for 2.0.30-pre.7.


  These are alpha-patches-2.0.30-0.1 from gatekeeper, reduced to prevent
  patching header files for glibc1.  Glibc-2 is happy with the original Linux
  header files, so let them be intact.  Slight changes were made to make
  it apply to 2.0.30-pre.7.


  Alpha-patches bugfix.
  Fixes user mode unaligned trap handling, broken by the trapargs patch (part
  of em86 patches, which are incorporated in alpha-patches).


  Alpha-patches bugfix.
  Fixes sg bufsize configuration (alpha-patches forgot to do it when sg is
  compiled as a module).


  Removes lots of unused code from the rtc driver (the code which deals with
  RTC interrupts - they do not get to the driver anyway on Alphas).
  Fixes epoch handling.


  Sound driver bug fixes and improvements (not actually Alpha-specific, they
  are just especially important on Alphas):
	- full duplex fix for AD1848-compatible chips;
	- AD1848 mixer fix (mute channels when volume is set to 0);
	- fixed initialisation code for AD1845;
	- configure option for MSS to use two DMA channels.


  This is really not Alpha-specific.
  Fixes return codes from the SCSI CD-ROM driver (sr) to be 0 on success,
  -1 (errno = EIO) on error instead of complete mess that was there before.


As a side remark, I have uploaded the packages I've built to beezer,
they currently reside in incoming.  This is just to keep things
together until we get our accounts on master.


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