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install success...

Well, I was bored last night, so I pulled over Pasi's install bits and now
have my UDB running again with a base system.  :-)

I had to use the rescue-multia image from the June 8'th snapshot to get my
UDB to boot correctly.  I used the drivers disk from that same set to stay
in sync, but used the root image and base system images from the August 12'th
snapshot to do the rest of the load.

The only complaint I'm getting right now is an error from start-stop-daemon
complaining about the use of the --signal option right after 'klogd' is

Pasi, excellant work!

So, are the bits in the hamm/binary-alpha tree on master and its mirrors up
to date and self-consistent?  If not, what's the recommended sequence for
playing "musical bits"?  I'd like to get it loaded up to the point where I can
do useful package builds, don't care about X yet.


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