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Re: install success...

On Aug 27, Bdale Garbee wrote
> Well, I was bored last night, so I pulled over Pasi's install bits and now
> have my UDB running again with a base system.  :-)

Wow.  Great.  Especially since I may have to do the same---the *brand
spanking new* HD onto which I moved my var partition just last week
may be dead, which means (since I've not done a backup since I moved
stuff over), I may have to reinstall.

> The only complaint I'm getting right now is an error from
> start-stop-daemon complaining about the use of the --signal option
> right after 'klogd' is displayed.

That's actually a problem with dpkg---it showed up on Intels as well,
but it was an experimental version that Klee never pushed as a release

> So, are the bits in the hamm/binary-alpha tree on master and its
> mirrors up to date and self-consistent?  If not, what's the
> recommended sequence for playing "musical bits"?  I'd like to get it
> loaded up to the point where I can do useful package builds, don't
> care about X yet.

I believe they are.  There are a few packages with warts on them, but
I think they're all there without anything likely to make dpkg/dselect
(which should work) choke.

The new place to look for ultra-up-to-date stuff is (I believe)
classnet.med.miami.edu:/pub/chris.  Chris Chimelis, a co-worker of
mine, is currently "the man", producing ported packages at a
prodigious rate.

Eventually, the new-maintainer people will get him a login on

Now I just hope we get a glibc-2.0.5 package soon, since that's
supposed to rectify some big bugs.

Don't touch that!  It's the History Eraser Button

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