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man-db "eqn -Tlatin1" fixed...

Hi again...

I just finished fixing the man-db problem that was driving a few of us
nuts (where it kept saying something about eqn needing the -Tlatin1
switch).  Turns out that there was a configuration header that was saying
that if we were compiling on an Alpha, to require tbl and eqn be called
first.  Since that's really only needed on OSF (I believe), I added a
GLIBC condition as well which turned those requirements off.

The revised man-db package is on my site, as usual.  I still notice that
the mandb command itself has a couple of unaligned trap warnings which I
intend to look at ASAP (read: before I leave town hopefully).  Otherwise,
if you can live with that for a little bit, go ahead and get the revised
package now and the final fixed one later.

Also, does anyone know if the apropos databasing is working correctly in
the man-db package on master?  I haven't tried it heavily, but have heard
it wasn't doing very well.  I'll test mine as soon as I get a chance, but
if someone would like to do that for me.... :P  Worse comes to worst, I'll
just compile in another db lib that may work better (which, I don't
know...I happen to like libdb).



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