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Hello and a question


Im new to the list and thought I should at least say hello!

Ive recently purchased (used) a DEC Multia (AKA UDB).  I've managed to get 
RedHat installed on it.  Ive wanted to try debian for some time, but until 
now lacked a system that I could "play" with.

I've read the install README for the alpha which talks about using a RedHat 
install to "bootstrap" a Debian installation on the alpha.  Does this work?  
I've been experiencing some anomalies in the RedHat distribution which 
severly impact the compiling of various packages.  Is this going to affect 
the installation of Debian?

Any advice or hints dealing with installtion on the Multia/UDB would be 
greatly appreciated.

Terry Bayne

When you lose your name, you become small.
When you lose your spirit, you become nothing.

                             -R.K. Partain

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