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Update on unaligned traps...

Hi again...

Here's the latest on what I talked about earlier....

Turns out that right after I finished my rambling diatribe, Richard
Henderson wrote me back with a solution to the unaligned traps in the
fdisk programme.  He also explained more thoroughly why they were
happening and what the fix actually did.  Many many thanks to him for

Anyway, I tested the idea and patched fdisk (not the kernel..yeah!) and,
lo and behold, it runs perfectly without warnings!  For all interested,
I've posted a fixed binary and the source diffs on my ftp site:

Ok, here's the Big Bold Statement (TM)....

With the ideas that I got from Richard and my growing refamiliarisation
with gdb (thanks to Mike for getting that working), I'm willing to say
that I can probably fix almost any unaligned trap warnings.  The only ones
that may cause me problems is daemons since debugging them can get ugly.
I am working on that, however (identd is my prime target).

Sooooo, please let me know of any unaligned traps that you may encounter
and I'll look into them.  I will also explain exactly what Richard told me
to anyone who wants to know (please...you WANT to know this if you're
porting to the Alpha). Like I said before, this really isn't the forum,
IMO, to start a technical programming discussion even though the
idea behind the patching is VERY simple to understand.

Oh, another thing, for anyone who's compiling packages on the Alpha...
I also mentioned to Richard Henderson that there is a glibc bug in the
strcpy() function when it's used to copy to/from static char*'s.  He's
looking into it further and will get back to me as soon as he figures out
if it's a bug or if I'm just a complete moron :P

Anyways, that's it for now.  I'll keep ya updated as I find out more.

 Christopher C. Chimelis          chris@classnet.med.miami.edu
 Systems Supervisor
 Division of Biomedical Communications
 University of Miami School of Medicine
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