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Re: Installation help?

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> There will be new base-archive this weekend, but there won't be major 
> differencies. I have to dig more deep to the system to make totally
> new base set.

What kinds of things will change?

> depends of what and where you have 'dselected' or have you?.

I haven't even tried to run dselect on the Alpha yet. All packages
have been installed manually with dpkg.

> The old libc6 stuff ghot removed sometime in this week and it's
> not disturbing anmore. the old ldso-package get's installed and there
> is still stuff linked agains libc6 in master (starting from gcc, which
> can be recovered from ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman/).

Hm, I've been using stuff from ftp.funet.fi
(/pub/Linux/mirrors/debian/hamm/hamm/binary-alpha), which is a (maybe
indirect) mirror of ftp.debian.org, and something from gorba.lpt.fi as
well. Should I track other places as well? What places? 

> You might have been installing that broken phase of the debian-alpha?
> you got libc6 amd libc6.1 installed both?

At least sometimes (I've tried the base system from February as well, and
am not quite sure of what went wrong at each attempt).

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