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Re: Installation help?

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:


> I've read the debian-alpha archives on www.debian.org, and have used
> (among other things) the Jun_8 disks from gorba.lpt.fi. Installation
> procedure:

There will be new base-archive this weekend, but there won't be major 
differencies. I have to dig more deep to the system to make totally
new base set.

> After initial installation, I've had problems with shared libraries and
> ld.so not being found for some binaries (so I created symlinks in /lib),
> and programs mysteriously stopping to work (perl, dpkg, shutdown, various
> others) until I reboot -- but sometimes the reboot doesn't work (stops
> after "Rebooting..."), and if I then power cycle or reset the computer,
> the filesystems are all messed up (but they may have been messed up
> even before the reboot, I do not know).
> The programs have usually stopped working while I have been installing
> software (since that's all I've managed to do, so far).

depends of what and where you have 'dselected' or have you?.
The old libc6 stuff ghot removed sometime in this week and it's
not disturbing anmore. the old ldso-package get's installed and there
is still stuff linked agains libc6 in master (starting from gcc, which
can be recovered from ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman/).

I made 'testinstall' last night from my mirror of debian-alpha (sorry Lars,
it's behind modemline) and after the normal dselect procedure (Visit the 
[S]elect section) i had to remove ldso manually as libc6.1 provides it.
Install different gcc and i have compiled my currently running kernel on it.

before the problem was that there was still that onlder libc6 and many 
packages that are dependant of it. pretty neat effects while binaries
gets linked against libc.so.6 and libc.so.6.1 ;)

> Even if Debian for Alpha is still experimental in nature, I'd still
> prefer it over Red Hat, so I'm not giving up yet. :)  Besides, if
> I can get it working with Debian, I'd like to use it to compile a
> few packages for Alpha (it's a 500 MHz CPU, with 256 MB memory and
> enough disk space...).

Doh. Life isn't fair :) 

> Suggestions on what I should do next? Would it be helpful if I documented
> as exactly as possible what I've done (every command, where each package
> came from, etc)? Should I test the hardware in some way, and if so, how?

You might have been installing that broken phase of the debian-alpha?
you got libc6 amd libc6.1 installed both? that might explain it for my
experiences, but i ain't no professional in this matter ......

PS. Michael, that reboot works, but causes very same efect as the stock one
'cannot determine runlevel - doin't hard reset' or something and there we go
w/o umount or anything.

PSS: Chris, would you like to look MAKEDEV too. that is causing major headaces
for me now as it isn't working at all with my newer compiled kernels.
And the /dev/null is for some reason only +r gor g,w, but dunno why as i 
would have to reboot to redhat kernel to get MAKEDEV doing it for me again :)

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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