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Re: Expected progress?

I'm sure these have already been answered, but... :)

On Mon, 21 Jul 1997, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> If I do go with the Multia, I would need a couple of packages from the
> non-free hierarchy, pine & pico.  Are these being worked on? 

Pine (and pico) is finished and should be in the unstable/non-free tree.
I haven't tested it, but I understand it does function.

> I would love to help out, but am not at all educated in the ways of Debian
> package maintenance (though I could learn).

I'm just joining in this project and don't know a thing about Debian
packages either, but the docs seem fairly straightforward and easy to
understand.  I'm sure that any assistance or support you can give would be

> On the Multia today, can I compile my own kernel?  Or do I have to rely a
> precompiled kernel or ask someone else to compile it? 

You can compile one of the "production" kernels (2.0.30 compiles on my UDB
without patching) yourself once you get Debian booting and the necessary
packages from the devel tree installed.  As it stands now, for initial
installation, you'll definitely need a precompiled kernel (which you can
obtain from RedHat's ftp site) and a working Linux system.  There is a set
of base installation disks in the works now, but they haven't been tested
totally from my understanding.

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