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Installation from current


I tested the installation again today evening and did 'preferred' install
from ftp.debian.org/debian/unstable

After running 'dpkg --purge --force-depends libc6' right after installation,
i found only two packages that are dependend of that libc6 in quick test
(/bin /sbin /usr/bin)


/lib only i only found one package


which is removable too? At least there aren't any packages dependant of
that. That's pretty much it.

On the other hand, i think i'll have to build new base.tgz with new
packages. the modutils at least needs to be compiled with newer
binutils? same utils must be dumped to root.bin too. NFS-root is
something that must be done too, but haven't even tested it out, but that
shouldn't be hard anyway.

I think i'll begin to build at least some of those packages after the
system installs 'out-of-the-box'. i just yesterday received ~8.5GB more disk ;)

Good job all of you!

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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