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Re: Expected progress?

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@calder.med.miami.edu> writes:
>Nikhil Nair <nn201@cus.cam.ac.uk> writes:
>> I'm going to be buying a machine of some description in October, and am
>> toying with the idea of making it an Alpha (the alternative is a Pentium).
>> Whatever I get, I'd like to run dEbian on it

[ ... ]

>In the next couple of weeks, I hope to get "pristine" installation
>disks done for the alpha port.  This should allow anyone with a
>Multia, at least, to do a fresh install that won't have remnants of
>libc6 or old compilers, etc.

This is good news.  I have my eye on a Multia that our salespeople cannot
unload.  It would make a nice replacement for the 486/66 Debian system on
my desk at work.

>At this point, I think it will be possible for others to reasonably
>expect to do porting of packages---something that's not currently
>reasonable because I've not until recently been able to get all the
>development packages in a state where I was comfortable releasing
>We currently have approximately 380 of the 1100 or so packages in the
>"mainstream" (not contrib or non-free) dist compiled.  I think, if
>people have a little time to devote to it, we should be able to close
>that gap quite handily.

If I do go with the Multia, I would need a couple of packages from the
non-free hierarchy, pine & pico.  Are these being worked on? 

I would love to help out, but am not at all educated in the ways of Debian
package maintenance (though I could learn).

>By October, I would anticipate Debian/Alpha to be a working product.
>At most, you might need to ask someone to compile a kernel for your
>particular hardware configuration, since one needs different kernels
>for different motherboards.

On the Multia today, can I compile my own kernel?  Or do I have to rely a
precompiled kernel or ask someone else to compile it? 

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