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Re: Alpha Installation Procedure

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Marc Singer wrote:


> So, I'm browsing through the installation documentation looking for
> pointers about installing on an Alpha.  Clearly, I'm missing
> something.

Yup. You miss the 'install kit', but that's not actually quite ready.
More like Alpha release of Debian/alpha :) That might change radically
in few next weeks.

> I have an system running R*dh*t and expect that installing Debian to a
> spare partition should be straightforward.  Tips on where to start?

If you really are impatient, you could grab installation kit from


but we'd (i'd) make new kit about next weekend anyway, when the binary tree
is up to date for 'dselecting'.

I was just today experimenting with NFS install, but that's much harder than
i expected ie. would need to modify own installation script for that and
maintain it too :(

Maybe i'll just put together pre-installed drv+resc+base and the
installation just installs the base which includes drv+resc. Opinions?
That should be pretty easy to make from existing parts..... lemme test it
right away ... BRB ;)

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