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Re: Installation from current

Pasi Pirhonen <upi@gorba.lpt.fi> writes:
> rcs_5.7-4
> cvs_1.9-1

Rebuilt versions are on master, sitting in REJECT until they can be
manually dealt with.

> /lib only i only found one package
> libbfd27
> which is removable too? At least there aren't any packages dependant of
> that. That's pretty much it.

libbfd27 is obsolete.

> On the other hand, i think i'll have to build new base.tgz with new
> packages.

That would be good.  Please wait until this weekend, if you could, so
that we can try and insure that all the packages I have recompiled
make it into the archive.

> the modutils at least needs to be compiled with newer binutils?

I can do that.  I suspect there's a newer modutils as well.

> I think i'll begin to build at least some of those packages after
> the system installs 'out-of-the-box'. i just yesterday received
> ~8.5GB more disk ;)

Lucky sod.  I've limping along with ~2.  I have to do an unfortunate
amount of shuffling of stuff.


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