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Re: newbie with debian/alpha

On 29 Apr 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:


First of all - i managed to get the system to quite unusable state again :)
I *think* it's the timezone package, but it might be some other package
too. i installed and confiured it as normal (Europe/Helsinki). Complains
about timezone in boot. dpkg scripts coredumps and everything gets
stamped to year 2017. I'll do one more fresh install with new tools
provided adn avoid at least that package.

> > > debian.med.miami.edu:/pub/mdorman
> > I don't see it still ...
> Sorry, got busy at work.  Both a new binutils and a new gcc are there.

OK: Dowloading the new goodies as writing this.

> No need to know heavy-duty Unix internals for this.  I look at the
> kernel code every couple of months, nod my head in wonderment, and
> then go back to what I was doing.
> I'm a helluva applications hacker, though.

I am not. have only coded (if you can even call that coding) something
in DOS w/ Turbo-C 1.0 & 1.5, but not touched to it in about last 5-6 years.

> > This Alpha @ 166Mhz w/ 256cache is slow, but i love it already :)
> Actually, it's pretty good for applications, but gcc is _SLOW_.

haven't had much time to becnhmark anything yet :)

> Try using the newer gcc (I know this is a lot to have to download).
> That'll get you linking properly (or should---let me know if it
> doesn't).  Nice that you're already getting something resembling
> results---though we want to wean you off of ld.so.1 ASAP.

Actually i have Centrex, so i have semipermanet connection (OK - permanent :)
I'll grab those and i'll do fresh install again from my, still working,
redhat :)

Why i do have feeling that this development group is *very* tiny?

-- upi@iki.fi -- http://www.iki.fi/upi/

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