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Re: newbie with debian/alpha

Pasi Pirhonen <upi@gorba.lpt.fi> writes:
> > It's the most generic solution, though I think you could, conceivably,
> > blow MILO into Flash at some point.
> I don't dare to do that ..... yet ;)

I would recommend waiting, too.

> Now i have tried again and i removed libc6 and libc6-dev, but i had
> to manually link libc.so.6.1 -> libc.so.6 (and ld.so) as gcc is linked
> against that. we will see if it can compile a kernel before i finnish 
> this message ..... :)

Nope, it won't.  I put up a newer gcc which should work for you.

> > debian.med.miami.edu:/pub/mdorman
> I don't see it still ...

Sorry, got busy at work.  Both a new binutils and a new gcc are there.

> i am more that willing to test anything. i feel much more 'alive', when i 
> can again 'play around' with not-so-stable-things :)

I kind of feel that way, too.

> Of course i have my limitations in knowing the UN*X intenals, but i'll learn
> more every day. 

No need to know heavy-duty Unix internals for this.  I look at the
kernel code every couple of months, nod my head in wonderment, and
then go back to what I was doing.

I'm a helluva applications hacker, though.

> This Alpha @ 166Mhz w/ 256cache is slow, but i love it already :)

Actually, it's pretty good for applications, but gcc is _SLOW_.

> zsh done -> seems to work
> gets linked against ld.so.1 thought and won't link without it :(
> ..... 
> And while i remember - i had to link /lib/libbfd.so. as 
> libbfd.so. too to get things working
> .....
> And holy smoke! it compiled, even booted, but there is something 
> srong with something like 'utsname' in the very begining of the
> compile, so 'uname -a' doesn't look quite right. maybe i am missing
> something needed still. will dig deeper to it ...

Try using the newer gcc (I know this is a lot to have to download).
That'll get you linking properly (or should---let me know if it
doesn't).  Nice that you're already getting something resembling
results---though we want to wean you off of ld.so.1 ASAP.


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