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Re: newbie with debian/alpha

In article <[🔎] Pine.ULT.3.95.970429211948.3729g-100000@gorba.lpt.fi> you wrote:
: Actually i have Centrex, so i have semipermanet connection (OK - permanent :)
: I'll grab those and i'll do fresh install again from my, still working,
: redhat :)
: Why i do have feeling that this development group is *very* tiny?

Because it is!  It's more fun/frustrating that way!  I think that once we get
a new set of base disks and have some of the current chaos under control, that
we're likely to see other folks who are watching and waiting offer to jump in
and help... we'll see.

One of the really great things about having you join the group is that both
Michael and I are inside the USA, and so we can't legally compile and upload
things in the non-US tree to the Debian non-US site in Germany.  Ergo, we've
been fumbling around sharing a copy of ssh, and we haven't gotten pgp built
yet, and...

So, one very practical goal you could set for yourself is to take charge of
looking at the non-US packages and seeing what you can get to build on your
alpha once you've got a reasonably stable compilation environment.


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