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Re: newbie with debian/alpha

Pasi Pirhonen <upi@gorba.lpt.fi> writes:
> Base.tgz went just fine to other disk and i used kernel 2.0.27 from
> redhat to boot it. putting MILO in 2MB partition is just the
> solution i want to use for now.

It's the most generic solution, though I think you could, conceivably,
blow MILO into Flash at some point.

You can't do that on UDB's...yet.

> After getting the box up, i had problems to install packages, but
> unpacking the provided libc6.1 and manually copying the stuff /lib,
> solved that. I managed to install dpkg, libc6.1, etc.

Ah, forgot about this one.  The dpkg in base.tgz has bugs.  You can
install a package, but it'll segfault.  But, the package is in, just
unconfigured, so all you have to do is dpkg --configure <packagename>.

> Trying to test compiling then?. nah. everything compiled segfaults.
> It seemed that libc6.1 conflicted badly with libc6 and the situation
> was quite nonworking.

At that point, you _ought_ to be able to remove libc6, which might
help things.

If it makes you feel better, I had a problem for a while with packages
accidentally linking to both libc6.1 _and_ libc6.

> Also some tools were whining for newer libbdf.x.x.x.10, which isn't 
> available in any sources i am aware of.

Blast.  My fault.  This is another of those things where we're having
to maintain a separate alpha version.  I'll put a copy of
binutils/libbfd up at the same


> I am sorry, that i can't be quite accurate, but i didn't make any
> notices as it was just first testing to me. If someone has packages
> that would make it more usable, i am willing to try again today.

I'l put the binutils stuff up.  I've got a glibc that is merged with
David Engel's, so I think we'll be able to get that officially
uploaded no problem.

Binutils, gcc and libg++ are still issues---I've had to branch fairly
heavily to get them working.

Binutils is just a matter of waiting until a new official release, as
the later versions that do proper alpha support are still beta.

gcc and libg++ I had to start virtually from scratch and apply
alpha-specific (and unconditionalized) patches.  I'll have to talk
with Guy Maor about how we want to handle that in the archive, since
we can't really provide combined sources at this time.

Maybe gcc/libg++ 2.8 will come out soon. :-)

> PS. Maybe i don't remeber everything just now as i am just finishing
> first cup of coffee which says that i am not fully awake yet ;)

I suspect you got most of it.


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