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Re: newbie Alpha owner

Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:
> There are also some packages that still have hard-coded dependencies
> on libc5, which require use of the "--force-depends" switch to dpkg
> to override on the alpha.  This is safe, since we aren't using
> libc5.

Actually, I've eradicated those in the current packages.  Of course
the glibc stuff that David Engel gave me hard-coded a dependency on
ldso---but we'll get rid of that before it goes public.

> > To tell the truth, i am quite impatient to get rid of that redhat in
> > my Alpha-box :)
> :-)  Welcome to the club...  :-)

As someone who already has, it's quite nice.  Now we just need to get
things to the point where someone with a well-connected 500Mhz/128MB
box can install it, and be our recompile point. :-)

> There's more than enough work to be done.  We'd love to have you
> help!  I would love, and I suspect Michael would too, to have
> someone constructively helping us understand what you run in to as
> problems so that we can try to work around the issues and get better
> bits up on master.

What he said---my biggest problem at this point is that my system is
*so* experimental--at least in relation to the others Debian/alpha
boxes around, since I'm by this time pure Debian---that I cannot
always be assured of the effect any particular decision on my part may
have on others.

Not, mind you, that I think things are going to break.

> > It'll take propably long time before  i'd move hobby/work to that box, 
> > which i actually got last friday - AXP pci33 noname @ 166Mhz (motherboard 
> > only).
> Michael and I are both running UDB boxes (also called Multia), which are
> noname boxes preconfigured and packaged by DEC, both also at 166Mhz.  What
> does your board/system use for SCSI and video?  Does the motherboard have the
> integrated NCR 810 hardware?  I'm trying to understand how we should build
> the kernel and/or X to support you too.

The UDB motherboard is basically a noname board without the all the
embedded stuff.

I think modules is in a state that we can do what we do for the Intel,
and build a kernel for each main board, and just compile all the
modules and have them included at the end.  I think the MILO
documentation usually explains what would be necessary as a minimum
for SCSI controllers for the different boards, etc.

One interesting thing is that with at least most of the boards, we get
straight-from-CD installation "for free", I think.

As for X, Stephen has put the package together so that it'll compile
everything that the XFree86 people state is compilable with the
alpha---so either it'll work or it won't.


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