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Re: my UDB

Ryan Smith-Roberts:
> What stopped me WRT Debian-Alpha is a strange bug in dpkg that causes it
> to coredump 9/10ths of the way through a package install, and the bug is
> evil enough that I won't be able to track it down except by becoming a
> dpkg developer...

This sounds like you need my input.  I'd be pleased to help - this
will probably take me very little time to analyse.

I think I still have access to various Red Hat alpha's here in the
C.U. Computer Lab, so I can probably get by if you just send me:
 * Your complete dpkg build tree, with all the .o files and unstripped
   executables.  If you used the standard build procedure there'll be
   an executable in there that you can run gdb on.
 * The coredump.

If you don't have a complete dpkg build tree you can get one and a
corresponding dpkg .deb file by running
 debian/rules build
 debian/rules binary
in the dpkg source.

Mind how big it is ...
-chiark:~> df /var/spool/mail/
Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sda5              79597   43681    31806     58%   /var
... if it's over 10Mb when all packed up please ask first.

Please gzip it and tar it up and uuencode it.  DO NOT MIME ENCODE.  Do
not use Pine's `attach file' feature.


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