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my UDB

Well, I loaded up Redhat last night since I had it in hand... seems to run ok,
so that would appear to validate the functionality of my hardware configuation.

What is the current state of Debian for Alpha?  I'd be pleased to scratch my
disk and start over with Debian bits if there are enough bits that are mature
enough to make that a useful proposition.  

I'm also working on the Sparc port in "my copious spare nanoseconds", and 
have created a directory tree under ~ftp/private to park initial package 
builds in until they're worthy of inclusion in the main unstable tree... I'd
be happy to do the same for Alpha if there isn't already a well-defined sharing

I'll try to troll the history of the debian-alpha mailing list tonight, but in
the meantime, if someone could provide a concise summary and pointer to any 
existing bits, that would be great!


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