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Re: 1.2 on SPARC

>Well, I don't know much about the Sparc version, but we tried RedHat on a
>few Alphas we have here, in order to include them in our departamental
>system, and we hit what amounts to a killer problem for us: the Alpha
>distribution seems to have no NIS! This prevents us from using it
>altogether, and I would like to know what is the reason for that.

The Alpha had to use glibc if it wanted to be ELF.  There is no NIS
support in glibc yet, but it is being worked on.  This isn't a RH
specific thing at all.

>Also, we tried to upgrade the installation to the latest version (4, I
>think), and were surprised to learn that the old rpm utility would not
>unpack the new versions. One asks, what is the point of having an upgrade
>system like this...

The unfortunate fact was that we had to break the file format to add
support for multiple PGP signatures, MD5 signatures, and some other nice
features.  That should be the last format change for quite some time.

>The nucleus of our departamental system here is a set of 4 Pentiums
>running the Debian distribution. One of them is the NIS master and
>network server, two others are home and shell servers, and the fourth is a
>mirror containing everything about Linux we are able to squeeze in.
>We also have a few old Suns and Alphas, and we are buying from SWT a bunch
>of new Alphas for number crunching. Hence, we are waiting for the Debian
>distribution for both the Alphas and Sparcs, and I hope they come out with
>NIS included. I think this is a must in the academic world. 

Whatever works for you...just don't assume that just because the current
version of RH on one platform is missing something that it's *our* fault.


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