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My apologies to the RedHearts out there.

Dear Mr. Barnes,

	First of all, I would like to say that I never meant any offense
by any of my comments on the problems we encountered trying to install
RedHat here. So, if anything I said did offend any RedHat people out
there, I am truly sorry and I do apologize.

> From: Donnie Barnes <djb@redhat.com>
> The Alpha had to use glibc if it wanted to be ELF.  There is no NIS
> support in glibc yet, but it is being worked on.  This isn't a RH
> specific thing at all.

Well, just to try and remedy my own ignorance of the subject, what is the
relation of this to the fact that the Intel (maybe the Sparc too?)
distributions seem to be ELF and yet to have NIS available? Is this some
strange peculiarity of the Alpha architecture? Anything to do with it
being 64 bit? I understand there are other problems relating to that,
which also affect us here, like the fact that g77 won't compile for them
yet. All this makes me a bit uneasy, maybe it is still too early for
science departments like us to change in full to a Linux environment.

> Whatever works for you...just don't assume that just because the current
> version of RH on one platform is missing something that it's *our* fault.

I won't assume anything like that, you can rest assured. Actually, after
you spend a few years trying to make sense out of a large cluster which
mixes up HP-UX, OSF/1 and Solaris, any problems that any version of Linux
may present is really a piece of cake, by comparison. We science folks,
specially in third-world countries, owe an eternal debt of gratitude to
all the people which devote themselves to the creation of free software.


        Jorge L. deLyra,  Assistant Professor of Physics
            The University of Sao Paulo,  IFUSP-DFMA
       For more information:  finger delyra@fma.if.usp.br

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