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Re: Porting Progress

> I'm insterested in the AXP Debian port. We've got a AXP system: 150 MHz,
> 32 RAM, #9 Video board, bus mouse, EISA SCSI controller, SCSI floppy, 3
> SCSI HD's... 

That sounds like a Jensen - runs nice with 32MB and Linux 2.0.* on it, I am
typing this message on one :-)

> What I'd really like to know is how to start installing Linux/Debian on
> this system. What I've read from Digital is to raw write the system/kernel
> to the HD, and start building from there up, but HOW!!!??? Any
> suggestions? 

You must have *old* documentation. The Linux/Alpha FAQ can be fount at 


and describes an alternative method: use minlabel and copyboot from the WNT
ARC console to bootstrap the system, then install from NFS or CD.

If this fails, you need to attach a SCSI disk to a working Linux system
(Alpha or Intel), and use sdisklabel/swriteboot from the aboot-0.2 package
on ftp.azstarnet.com.

Note that you can not install Linux and NT on the *same* disk. And: NT 3.51
will overwrite your Linux bootblock during installation, even on a different
SCSI disk, so be sure to pull the plug if you ever need to re-install NT.

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