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Available to help.

I've just brought up my UDB (233MHz 21066A) with RedHat 3.0.3.  I've also
installed the 2.0.9 kernel, and the "elfball" distribution for compiling ELF
binaries with shared ELF libraries (my next step is to get this to actually

Sitting four feet away on the same home ethernet segment is my wife's Intel
box running Debian 1.1 (and Windows95, so I can test SMB networking). (And 4'
away on the other side is my SE/30, so I can test AppleTalk too.) 

I'm willing to at *least* test packages.  I'm hoping to also contribute some.
I assume the first Debian Alpha release will be ELF?  How can I be the most
help right now?

Doug DeJulio                         | mailto:ddj@aisb.org
Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria | http://www.aisb.org/~ddj/

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