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Re: Running up that (HIP) hill

Hi Maxime,

On 2022-02-16 08:30, Maxime Chambonnet wrote:
 - I am not sure if the shared objects will work for any other GPU
   than gfx906 currently...

We should certainly verify it works on other GPU architectures by testing it, but I don't think the HIP library contains GPU code itself. I could be wrong, but I believe the reason for specifying the GPU architecture in its build parameters is for the test suite (as shown by the errors in this issue). If there are any code objects bundled into the binaries, you should be able to quickly check by grepping for the magic string, "__CLANG_OFFLOAD_BUNDLE__".

The Spack build recipe for ROCm 4.5 might be a useful reference for some things in hipamd, like disabling the tests, which they do with 0009-Improve-compilation-without-git-repo-and-remove-compiler-rt-linkage-for-host_disabletests.4.5.0.patch.

The full list of patches that Spack applies for various versions of hip can be found in the package.py. Only two are still relevant for 4.5 (and presumably 5.0). The first patch is the one I mentioned earlier. The second patch makes it possible to specify the rocm_agent_enumerator install directory with 0001-Make-it-possible-to-specify-the-package-folder-of-ro.patch.

Cory Bloor

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