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Re: ROCm progress - high-level libraries going smooth

On 2022-01-18 11:36 a.m., Maxime Chambonnet wrote:

Cordell if you are here I have these wonders, what are those shared objects?

Those are shared libraries used for testing the Fortran bindings shipped in the official hipblas and hipsolver packages. The Fortran shared objects are only used in test programs, so they're not packaged with the libraries. However, the hipblas_module.f90 and hipsolver_module.f90 Fortran files are the source files for the Fortran bindings, and are installed alongside the libraries.

If you're not sure what to do with the Fortran files, my recommendation would be to skip packaging them for the time being. The library-provided Fortran bindings were created before hipFORT existed, so they're a bit redundant these days.

librocfft-device-1.so, librocfft-device-2.so, ...

There is a 2 GiB size limit on HIP binaries. At this point, the ROCm math libraries are built for seven or more GPU architectures by default, and many libraries have required work to avoid exceeding the limit (especially in with debug symbols enabled).

rocFFT chose to mitigate this problem by splitting the library into multiple smaller libraries. I'm not sure if the numbering is meaningful, but those 'device' libraries full of specialized kernels for various operations.


Cory Bloor

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