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Re: ROCm progress - high-level libraries going smooth

Thanks for the updates!

On Tue, 2022-01-18 at 19:36 +0100, Maxime Chambonnet wrote:
> I uploaded 5 initial packages in the afternoon [1], I have good hopes
> of 
> finishing
> high-level libraries tonight, not facing special hurdles.
> Cordell if you are here I have these wonders, what are those shared
> objects?
> libhipblas_fortran.so
> libhipsolver_fortran.so

I did not look into the code, but let me guess on the two shlibs.
I'm a co-maintainer of the blas/lapack packages. The reference
BLAS is written in Fortran, which uses a different memory layout
compared to C/C++ and most other languages:

C/C++ multi-dimensional array is row-major, while
Fortran multi-dimensional array is column major

So when passing pointers between the C/Fortran code, there
has to be some translations. For example, transposing the
matrices by flipping several arguments in the function call.

It won't surprise me if the libhipblas_fortran.so is
used to do such thing.

That said. Just my bold guess.

> librocfft-device-1.so, librocfft-device-2.so, ...

no idea.

> I also added a list of TODO passes in the same team repo [2].
> Thank you Mo for initiating a formal dependency tree! [3]

When we are really ging to upload the packages, or when we
are upgrading ROCm to 5.0.X (imagined). Our eventual progress
will follow the tree.

> [1] 
> https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/community/team-project/-/blob/master/README.md#packaging-progress
> [2] 
> https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/community/team-project/-/blob/master/README.md#simplified-todo-passes
> [3] 
> https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/community/team-project/-/blob/master/README.md#dependency-tree

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