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Re: ROCm progress - roct-thunk finalization

roct-thunk-interface 4.5.2 has been uploaded to unstable.

On Fri, 2022-01-14 at 22:55 +0100, maxzor wrote:
> So far only rocm-device-libs, rocrand and rocblas need to
> pass `hardening=-all` in d/rules because they compile code targetting
> GPU.
> As far as I understood this roct-thunk-interface package does compile
> only
> code targetting CPU.

I see. So I reverted my changes and re-enabled hardening for roct-thunk

> There probably should be a mention of this in 'team-project' with a 
> template for
> the lintian-override file.

Please do so. Thanks!

> I am not comfortable enough with google-test, ctest and debhelper to
> enable
> building tests yet. So for now there are no tests performed when 
> building this
> thunk package.

The tests do not make sense when there is no amd gpu (kernel module
not loaded). Debian's buildd do not have such hardware. We're free
to skip it. We can test them on our own -- we can write the test
target in the future.

> If these two points are OK for you, I believe that this package is
> ready 
> for upload.
> If uploaded now, there will probably be a "packaging v2" for 4.5.2 
> roct-thunk when the two points
> are solved?

Package revisions are possible. Now we'd better focus on the rest

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