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Re: ROCm progress - roct-thunk finalization

On 1/13/22 4:41 PM, M. Zhou wrote:
I pushed a few commits to finalize packaging for
roct-thunk-interface 4.5.2

Please check the git repository and see whether we
are ready to upload this single library. I shall
sponsor the upload shortly upon confirmation.

Thank you for the finalization.

So far only rocm-device-libs, rocrand and rocblas need to
pass `hardening=-all` in d/rules because they compile code targetting GPU.
As far as I understood this roct-thunk-interface package does compile only
code targetting CPU.
There probably should be a mention of this in 'team-project' with a template for
the lintian-override file.

I am not comfortable enough with google-test, ctest and debhelper to enable
building tests yet. So for now there are no tests performed when building this
thunk package.

If these two points are OK for you, I believe that this package is ready for upload. If uploaded now, there will probably be a "packaging v2" for 4.5.2 roct-thunk when the two points
are solved?
BR, Maxime

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