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ROCm progress


I added a dedicated repository to track the packaging effort [1],
feel free to add to its wiki section, TODO lists, tests, enrich metadata...
The main components for the lower and middle part of the stack
have seen some initial packaging for 4.5.2. Missing are four
packages related to ROCm monitoring and debug infrastructure,
the openCL runtime, and the rest of the user-facing libraries.

To be noted, there is an issue with the hardening flags passed
automatically by debhelper, such as -fstack-protector-strong.
Clang seems to make this hardening pass regardless of the backend,
which causes in our case the GPU kernels to be faulty.
I suspect that the issue is not yet open at LLVM, so anyone
is welcome to report it.
I forced the packages rocm-device-libs, rocrand and rocblas
to be "un-hardened" in d/rules. Following libraries compiling
.hsaco/.co files will need the same treatment. See also [2].
Overriding the lintian warning is pending, we just discussed it
with Etienne.

BR, Maxime

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team/community/team-project
[2] https://github.com/ROCmSoftwarePlatform/Tensile/issues/1455#issuecomment-1007632229

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