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Re: ROCm 20211221 Packaging session notes and small update


I saw the pull requests. To make your feeling on contributing Debian
more smooth I just granted you with the highest permission for the
group (every member in the group has the "onwer" access now).

As long as you feel the pull requests are ready, you may merge them
on your own. Or you could ask for review if you are not confident.

There are a few tips for you to decide whether a package is nearly
1. try to build the package with "sbuild", it should not FTBFS
(fail to build from source)
2. try to check the resulting package with lintian. Generally
if there is no Error messages from "lintian -EviI", the package
should be good.
3. feel free to ask if in doubt

Thank you for your contribution!

On Sat, 2021-12-25 at 04:45 +0100, maxzor wrote:
> Ho-ho
> > [update] I wonder Cordell if you have a docker-compose at hand?
> > I am trying to figure out a workflow with git-repo,
> > the debian packaging tools and docker.
> I have setup a simple docker builder, to pass the time while at
> the parents' house https://salsa.debian.org/maxzor/rocm-builder
> The pull request are issued: https://salsa.debian.org/rocm-team
> (Care to be had again, with smi-lib and compilersupport.)
> Happy Christmas!

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