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Re: ROCm 20211221 Packaging session notes and small update

I gave a try at an initial packaging for hipamd, and managed to get the
hipamd binaries produced. The package is in a very rough state,
but functional (tests are disabled, they can be activated in debian/rules).

Hopefully it can serve as a support to design this package better.
I used the component feature of dpkg-source, to bundle the four git repos

hipamd now compiles (lintian yells everywhere) as the 8th source package
in the little docker builder:
> https://salsa.debian.org/maxzor/rocm-builder

I have a few questions:

- "-DCMAKE_HIP_ARCHITECTURES" is made mandatory by upstream cmake
  in hipamd CMakeLists.txt. What to do? Patch out the flag,
  make a general package... or make a package per target GPU?
  (debian/rules go gfx906 here)

- how to name source and binary packages?
  See the AMD-Debian mapping table in the builder README.

- where to install the files, as already discussed?
  I have started a csv with the layout that I went with here.

BR, Maxime

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