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20211221 Packaging session notes and small update

We were three participants last Tuesday to the jitsi session :
Cordell, Etienne and me. I'll try my best at transcripting the conversation
topics, feel free to correct or add to it.
I have put an [update] tag on some points.

- Maxime: Are tests done by gbp buildpackage, sbuild, debuild...?
  It seems that at least some tests are not run.
  Etienne: Yes they are, but heuristics to find the tests may be limited :
  in this case override dh_auto_test in debian/rules.
  You can skip build-dependency testing with <no-check> in debian/control.

- Etienne: Which architectures are targeted?
  Cordell: for now x86_64 is supported, not sure about aarch64 or others.
  Etienne: The Debian build server could be a good way to see where we're at.

- Cordell wanted to know how the uploads were happening.
  Etienne gave an overview of the Debian FTP master's job.

- Maxime: What naming scheme for the packages?
  Cordell: Programs and utilities generally uppercase ROC, rest in lowercase.
  The contrary for libraries.
  Etienne: In general, stick to upstream naming. Some ecosystems like java,
  python, perl... have naming policies.
  [update] Maxime: What about all-lowercase? Starting with rocm- for all?
  rocm-cmake, rocm-hipamd, rocm-hip-blas... ?

- Cordell: AMD fellow Jeremy Newton, packager for Fedora, is knowledgeable
  about the lower part of the ROCm stack.

The the discussion went on the next steps:

- I will push the changes made at https://gitlab.com/rocm_salsa
  to personal salsa repos as soon as I get a login, and pull request
  to the team's salsa repos afterwards.
  [update] the 7 packages rocm-{cmake, comgr,
  device-libs, smi-lib, info, runtime, thunk} + hipamd with Cory's script all   compile on debian testing with llvm-13, without llvm-project nor clang forks
  from AMD (!). *So far*, there is no need to package these forks anymore.
  Still working a first iteration of a hipamd package.
  rocminfo now works here. rest not yet tested (careful with comgr commits).

- Etienne will proceed to send the packages to FTP masters gradually, starting
  with `rocm-cmake`. He might revisit the copyright files which are TODO.
  We will keep building the stack up with the participants to the team.

[update] I wonder Cordell if you have a docker-compose at hand?
I am trying to figure out a workflow with git-repo,
the debian packaging tools and docker.

Thank you Etienne and Cordell for your time and warm welcome!
BR, Maxime

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