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Re: AMD ROCm packaging session followup notes

Hi Mo, Hi Cory,

Cordell Bloor, on 2021-11-25:
> Hi Mo,
> > Since kfd is already present in the upstream kernel, does ROCm require
> > any non-free (per Debian's DFSG definition; e.g. firmware-amd-graphics
> > from non-free/kernel section) component to run?
> I'm not certain. I've just been going though building components
> in the debian:unstable docker container, so I've been focusing
> on the userland components. If I can figure out the new build
> process for ROCclr, then I should be able to finish building the
> HIP libraries. Then I'll install Debian natively and see if it
> works. If not, I suppose I'll have to do a bit of investigation.

I've been doing some quick testing on the RVII to try to answer
that today, and with some of the early ROCm 4 versions,
complemented with Linux 5.15 (a custom build), I'm afraid I
still needed the non-free firmware set for rocminfo to see the
GPU.  I might want to retry on top of a proper Debian Sid with
the very latest rocm userland tools when I can set that up.

Kind Regards,
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