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Re: onednn is marked for autoremoval from testing

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

> Am Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 01:09:26PM +0100 schrieb Gard Spreemann:
>> Ai ai, I see we now – post Andreas' upload – have an arm64-specific
>> build failure because I overlooked the fact that an arm64-specific
>> source file also needed patching. I've pushed 5efbe42a to salsa. It's
>> *untested*, but based on a quick grep I *think* it's enough.
> Do you need any uploading help? I admit I have no idea how to test.
> I would just build and upload if needed.

Sorry, I should have been clearer: No, I could have uploaded, I just
didn't wanna spam an upload that I'm "only" 95% sure would fix the
issue. Especially since the buildds are busy churning through a bunch of
transitions. So I decided to push the fix to Salsa, in the hope that
someone else would have time to test it. If not, I'll give it a test on
a porterbox this weekend (the test would just be "does it build with GCC
11 on an arm64 system now?"). Or, if you feel that the patch is likely
to succeed (I think it is – all the other architectures built fine, and
I *think* I found the only arm64-specific file affected), then feel free
to upload :-)

 -- Gard

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