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Re: onednn is marked for autoremoval from testing


Debian testing autoremoval watch <noreply@release.debian.org> writes:

> onednn 2.2.2+ds-2 is marked for autoremoval from testing on 2021-12-09
> It is affected by these RC bugs:
> 984270: onednn: ftbfs with GCC-11
>  https://bugs.debian.org/984270

I just pushed a new commit (ba393a45) to Salsa, introducing a simple
patch that fixes the GCC 11 FTBFS. I did however not upload the result
to the archive, because there's an error from dpkg-gensymbols about the
generated symbols not matching the ones we ship. I'm not comfortable
enough with C++ symbol mangling to take a stab at that, so I'll leave
that to others. The build errors in bug #984270 are resolved at least.


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