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Re: Quick Poll: Debian to better support hardware acceleration?


"M. Zhou" <lumin@debian.org> writes:

> Q: How far should Debian go along the way for supporting hardware
> acceleration solutions like CUDA?

I think Debian is already doing a good job with CUDA, at least as it
pertains to my work with Python+GPU.  My thanks and please keep it up!

One recent example for me is installing "cupy" from PyPI via pip.

On Debian testing/sid it Just Works(tm)!

On Ubuntu 18.04 it caused me to enter "CUDA install hell".  The CUDA
version provided by the OS is apparently not supported by "cupy" on
PyPI.  My attempts to build cupy from source against Ubuntu CUDA or to
install more recent CUDA from non-Ubuntu to satisfy PyPI's cupy both
were utter failures.

For this and other reasons, my solution is actually to migrate my Ubuntu
18.04 systems to Debian.

BTW, there is a HN thread formed this morning on Python/GPU things that
may be usefully related here:



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