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Re: Quick Poll: Debian to better support hardware acceleration?

CUDA is a poor solution. nVidia only, proprietary. Need to enourage upstreams to use the other solutions.

I don't know ROCm, maybe it's good. Open source at least.

SYCL is a good target, should be supported. Supersedes OpenCL.


On 2021-05-21 06:40, M. Zhou wrote:
Hi folks,


Q: How far should Debian go along the way for supporting hardware
acceleration solutions like CUDA?

Choice 1: this game belongs to the big companies. we should offload
such burden to third-party providers such as Anaconda.
Choice 2: we may try to provide what the users need.
Choice 3: <write down yours>


As we know, hardware acceleration means a lot to scientific computing,
and I believe a number of debian users use solutions like CUDA, ROCm,
or even SYCL. And the most prevalent solution seems to be CUDA.
Recall that anaconda might be one of the simplest ways to get the cuda
version of tensorflow and pytorch, etc. So I just want to hear your
opinions on how far we should go along this direction.

If we really want to go further, then a GPU server should be available
in our infrastructure to facilitate development. Although license is
another considerable blocker, this can be discussed later.


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