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Re: Quick Poll: Debian to better support hardware acceleration?

Brett Viren <brett.viren@gmail.com> writes:

> I think Debian is already doing a good job with CUDA, at least as it
> pertains to my work with Python+GPU.  My thanks and please keep it up!

I'd very much like to second this sentiment! Thanks especially to Mo's
amazing work with PyTorch, my personal workflow has improved
tremendously over the years. Yes, almost all the compute hardware I have
access to (through no choice of my own) is CUDA-based, but at least now
I can do prototyping and experimentation with the CPU-based PyTorch on
my Debian laptop before deploying. This is already hugely more
convenient than just a few years ago.

As for the actual poll: I honestly don't know. I try as much as possible
to rely on OpenCL when I can, but the overwhelming ubiquity of CUDA in
deep learning in particular may be putting Debian at a disadvantage if
we choose to ignore it. But then again, it's also pretty terrible to
help its dominance along.


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