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RE:Quick Poll: Debian to better support hardware acceleration?

> Q: How far should Debian go along the way for supporting hardware
> acceleration solutions like CUDA?

> Choice 1: this game belongs to the big companies. we should offload
> such burden to third-party providers such as Anaconda.
> Choice 2: we may try to provide what the users need.
> Choice 3: <write down yours>

> ---

I am alos for <2>

We badly need rocm  in order to have a viable alternative
to NVIDIA in Debian.

To my opinion providing all these stack will contribute a lot to make
debian-science relevant for the next couple of years.
More and more softwares in my area (xray data treatment) are using
pytorch or tensorflow. If we can not install this via Debian, it will be difficult
for us to request budget in order to improve Debian via subcontracting.

I agree also with you that a pre-requisite is to provide these hardware to the community
in order to do developpement via porterbox, autopkgtest, salsa, build

Do we know if the salsa cloud provider propose runners with GPU's ?



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