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Re: I forgot

On 28 Jun 1999, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

>  Ok, so you're installing Debian on a bunch of computers in a student
>  computer lab.
(nice story ;-)
>  There perhaps ought to be provision for those workstations mounting
>  most softare via NFS or AFS... ala FHS.  They need only the very
>  basics; enough on them to offload processing from the swerver.

Yeah, all is ok BUT, why do you think RedHat is much more popular than
Debian ? Why people call Debian as it is only for profesionalists ????
Answer is one: cause RedHat is MUCH MORE EASIER to configure. It is very
important that user could sit down, answer five questions and be happy. It
is much better than editing one line in /etc/init.d/network, cause, from
where user (newbie administrator ?) may know where to find file
resposible for the network ???

So, IMHO those templates are good idea, and if a C programmer (I guess
that all Debian maintainers are programming at least in C), is not able to
learn how to program templates, i'm so sorry and don't want to use Debian,
cause it's dengerous.

If all packages would be configured centrally, normal user (not you!)
doesn't need to know what is even /etc file (like in RedHat). If you add
localisation (and if it is centrall managerment, it doesn't seem to be
very hard to do) to it, everything would be much easier.

Digression: WHY $M (=microsoft) is so popular ? Because everyone can
install, and configure it, even may Grandma :-).


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