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COAS (administration tools) early release available

COAS is a framework upon which we can write system administration tools
such as a configuration database for Debian packages. I've had access
to the source code for a while now, and it's a pretty good design. It
currently uses curses or Qt for interfaces, about the first thing we
should do with it is add on a GTK interface so that we can get around
Qt's non-freeness.

I suggest that everyone who is interested in system administration tools
get familiar with this package. Caldera has GPL-ed it, and is interested
in working with us (and other Linux distributions) to establish a common
administration framework.



From: tbird@caldera.com
Subject: COAS pre-alpha source release

The first COAS source release is available now!

The 0.07 ("Bond") release of COAS is now available.  This is a
pre-alpha release.  You can't do any real administration with the
system yet, but you should be able to get a good idea of the
general architecture, and familiarize yourself with the development
enviroment for module authors.  Much more remains to be done with
formalizing the SDK and finishing infrastructure pieces (hence
the low release number).

A tarball is available at:

Please see the README in pub/coas for details about what you need to
download in order to build the system.  Several programs on which COAS
relies are also available from the above location, in RPM format.

Any feedback you provide will be very much appreciated, and should
be directed either directly to me, or preferably to the 
COAS mailing list.

Tim Bird
Member of Technical Staff
Caldera, Inc.

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