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Re: JumpStart autoinstall clone for Linux

On Sun, Nov 23 1997 0:09 EST "Richard G. Roberto" writes:

> The interactiveness of a package is a matter that could be taken
> care of with a pkgask type utility in the short term.  
I like the idea.

> In the long term we should define an external* method for
> packages to get configuration data that would otherwise
> require interaction.  We could do this now, even without a
> centralized database.  All we need is a method to call.  The
> method could abstract how the information is retrieved,
> stored, etc.  We would need some kind of per package state
> flag or something to indicate that the package should use an
> external method to get config data instead of prompting.
> I'm not sure how to accomplish this.
Well some of this is already around and is called `dtxtdb' and lies
forgotten in experimental.
(`dtxtdb' stores configuration values in a text database and makes it
 possible to read it non-interactively back. The discussion what front-
 end to use is still on-going.
 Even the discussion whether dtxtdb is at this state good enough is
 open. What is the consensus? Is it ready to be moved into base and
 to replace cfgtool? Lars?)
> > The rest of the job would be writing some simple scripts.  Disk
> > paritioning being the hardest part.  But I gave up, because nobody
> > else seemed to think that non-interactive scripts were worth bothering
> > with.
I don't think so. There were quite a lot people who wanted non-interactive
bulk installs and they originally were a point for 2.0.

David (dtxtdb Author)

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