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Re: JumpStart autoinstall clone for Linux

On 23 Nov 1997, Steve Dunham wrote:

> "Richard G. Roberto" <robertor@typhoon.co.jp> writes:
> > Alas, they're not so simple once the bigger picture comes
> > into focus.  Then there's always that little issue of
> > getting everyone to agree on a format ...
> Thats not really a big issue.  The key here is that you do the work
> first, and people will accept the format because they don't want to
> redo it.

Good point.  However, its quite a lot of work to do,
considering the many different types of configuration
requirements of so many packages.  One of the other
suggestions was to have a default configuration canned with
every package so that it didn't _need_ to be configured at
all, with the exeption of some necessarily machine or site
specific information.  Such info would need to be identified
and a method of providing it to any arbitrary package agreed
upon.  dtxtdb has possiblities, but only answers part of the
question -- the data storage and retrieval mechanism.

This approach would be quite limited in the level of
preconfiguration that could be done, but would get something
working quickly.  And because the onus would be on the
package maintainer, there wouldn't be a large centralized
investment to worry about.  Future developments could
provide more flexability to end users.  This would give us a
chance to get something working that could be leveraged
later on.  For instance, even without robust package
configuration automation, we could have autoinstallation
over a network.  The server setup, client boot setup, and
high level installation profile (meta-cluster in Sun speak)
parts would likley be at least partially reusable.

I'm no longer in a position to do any debian networking
since I'm back in the trenches in a prodominantly Solaris
shop.  These guys are way too paranoid to even think about
using linux for anything -- not even niche stuff like cross
platform printing.  Oh well.  The other OS's we're using are
SunOS (which ought to be put out to pasture) netware (which
is being put out to pasture :-)), and NT, which is not
nearly as unstable here as its been at other sites I've

I'll definitely take a look at the redhat stuff this week
and do a write up on it if I can.  Also, I trimmed the
headers since at this point, debian-admintool is likely the
only list interested in this kind of chatter.



"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living 
things, we will not ourselves find peace" -Albert Schweitzer

Richard G. Roberto

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