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Re: undefined reference to `main' and strange gnat behaviour

Quoting Gour <gour@atmarama.net>:

On Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:13:12 +0200
Pascal Obry <pascal@obry.net> wrote:

I'm using vim rarely but I've never ever seen this behavior!!!!

I'm using Vim, but never experienced it either.

Do you confirm that if you edit hello.adb and put some wrong code in
it the .o timestamp is not changed after you exit?

As strange as it sounds, but it's true!!!

Saving *.adb file with error idoes not change the timestamp.
But It's not vim's/ada's job to change timestamp of any files (especially of *.o).
What about:
vim main.adb -> edit -> save -> touch main.adb -> compile ?

The only rational explanation is that Ada gods are angry with me for
not using Emacs...
Are you sure that you'll not have the problem with emacs/ed/GPS/notepad>? :)


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